Sunday, May 8, 2011

sorrento, italy

sorrento! oh my gosh, probably my favorite place because it was by the mediterranean sea. right as soon as we got there we went down to the beach. and of course, the only day we get to go swimming, it was raining! it was still a but chilly but when are we ever going to get another chance to wim in the mediterranean sea? i was a bit scared to go in, and one of my friends decides to throw me in! it was a bit colder than i thought it would be, but i can say i swam in it! all the italians were looking at us like we were crazy, but who cares! we are canadians!

after that we played a little bit of beach volleyball and later went down into the town to do some shopping and eat more gilato. 

since this was such a short post, im adding capri in here. capri is a little island of the coast of italy. its about a 50 minutes boat ride to get there. and it was so gorgous. we took a little boat tour around the island and had a tour guide to tell us about all the cool things that happen there. did you know that bill gates and mariah carrey go there alot? crazy eh?

the water there was soooo blue. ive never seen it that blue before! after our little detour of capri. it was back to rome, and then back home. it was a once and a lifetime expeirence that i will never forget, but nothing beats home in the end. 

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