Sunday, May 8, 2011

rome, italy

rome! i was looking forward to going here from the very beginning. when we arrived here, we went straight to a different country. yup, we went to vatican city! a country within a country. we saw the sinstine chapel which was so cool. you can't take pictures in there, so just imagine an amazingly painted ceiling :)

we also went inside st. peters cathedral. one of the biggest churches in the world! with michelangelo's pieta on the inside.

another one of my favorite things was to see and go inside the colloseum! as corny as this sounds, i was thinking about the lizzie mcguire movie the entire time... haha it was such a cool building with so much history.

another famous landmark in the lizzie mcguire movie is the trevi fountain. besides the eiffel tower and the colloseum, the trevi fountain was also a favorite of mine. i got to throw some coins in and make a wish! its said to bring you back to rome someday.. so hopefully it comes true! the trevi fountain took 30 years to build. 1500 euros are collected from the fountain every day and given to charities. thats alot of tourists that go there, and alot of euros! 


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