Friday, May 6, 2011

london, england

its been a crazy 2 weeks! the highlight of my spring break was that i went to europe! woot! it was so much fun. i got it spend it with people i love in one of the most beautiful places on earth. we were first in london, this is tanisha and i right after we got off the plane.

we were pretty excited even though we didnt show it! it must have been the 9 hour plane ride and the fact that we couldnt sleep the entire time. heres a picture of my friends and i in the famous red telephone booths!

from then on, we did some walking tours and bus tours of london. we even went on the metro a couple of times! one of my favorite things that we did in london was going to the london bridge. especially at night when it was lit up and beautiful!

the next day in london we went to buckingham palace! we didnt get to see the changing of the guards, nor was the queen home but it still was very cool!

next on the list was westminister abbey. we waited in line for about an hour and a half to go inside. it was really cool because william and kate were getting married there a week later! there was camera crews and chairs all being set up for the big day. unfortuanately, we are not allowed to take pictures inside, but seeing all the graves of past kings and queens was really something to remember!

now this next part is cool! i got to see big ben! as weird as it sounds, i thought it would be way bigger than it actually was! it was so beautiful and it sounded every 15 minutes!

the next thing we did was went in the london eye! the london eye is the biggest ferris-go-round in the world. it takes 30 mintues to go completely around. this is my friend shay and i at in the london eye. 

well thats london for ya! theres so much more that i could have seen. someday i hope to go back!


  1. A 30 minute ferris wheel ride? Not sure I could have done that. Looks like you hit all the right spots and loved it. Can't wait to see more and glad you're back safe and sound Jordano :)

  2. really? no way! shes so cool! ya, it was wicked scary, i tried not to think about it too much. to get on and off you had to jump, because it doesnt stop for you! thanks :)