Sunday, May 8, 2011

florence, italy

we had to take a 12-hour night train to florence. taking a few pit stops here and there and stopping in switzerland.. it took forever! even though i probably got the most sleep i did the entire trip on the train, it definately wasn't my favorite thing to do.

we were only in florence for one day, but the entire day we mostly had free time! which was so relaxing.  italy, especially florence is known for leather, every shop and flee market we went too, thats what they sold. the shopping was amazing!

so our tour guide, decided to take us to a night club. and it was so much fun! it was the sickest dance i have ever been too. the dance floor was so cool, and the whole club was so sweet! definately a high light of my trip!

the next day, on our way to rome, we stopped at a little place called assisi. it was just this cute little town with a big church on top of a hill. and the gelato there was soooooo good. i could go for some gelato right about now!

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