Friday, September 10, 2010

those butterflies are back

Everytime I see your face, you try and put on a smile. When I hear your voice, the butterflies inside my stomach take off. You try and hold back what's really happening in your life. No one can understand your trials the way I do. When your pushing the rest of the world out, let me in. Sometimes people come into your life, and you know right away that they are supposed to be there. You've taught me so many things.

you taught me to appriectate my loved ones, because any minute they could be gone
you taught me to love the simple things in life; like the sound of rain or looking up at the stars at night
you taught me to never give up on my dreams
you taught me theres more to life then just living it
you taught me to be honest with myself and others
you taught me that no ones family is perfect
you taught me to not judge others for who they are
you taught me talent comes with hard work
you taught me that we all make mistakes; and that it's okay
you taught me that life's beautiful

So I'm done hiding.

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