Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sunday, I can honestly say that I love sundays. I love getting all dressed up for church and wanting to go learn something new. I love seeing all my friends, and all my friends parents for that matter. I love being one of the oldest in Young Womens, and I hope the little beehives look up to me the way I used to look up to the older girls. I love seeing all the Young Men looking so clean and sharp, because sunday is the only day they will do that. I love singing the hymns, because for some reason they make me feel better inside. I love coming home in a good mood, and my father is waiting to blow it. He always makes fun of me. I love sunday dinner. Mmmm, sunday dinner :) It's the only day my mom actually cooks, which makes me look forward to it even more. I love my home when it's quiet and I can just read my scriptures in peace. Oh, and I love sunday naps. Sunday naps tie it all together.

So Sunday, I will see you in a week.


  1. oh jordan wood! I really really like true it's so weried being the oldest in young womans and having all the beehives look at you. :)

  2. kate! thank you! i really really like you! haha ya, i kinda like it though :)