Sunday, August 21, 2011


today has been an interesting day... it was both happy and sad and im feeling mixed emotions right about now. i went to church with my mom like every normal sunday and in sacrament meeting they released the young women leaders. i have been with these same women since i was like 14 and have grown so close to them. it was devastating releasing these women. then out of the blue, (while i was still tearing up) they called my mom to be the new young womens leader. what?! MY mom?! i was shocked. of course i am happy for her and wish her all the best but this is gunna be an interesting last year of young womens for me... we will see how it plays out.. wish me luck.



  1. You are going to love having your mom in there with you Jordan! I was there for Laurel and Michelle. Not many girls have the privilege of going to church with their moms. It's a good good thing.

  2. thanks marilee :) im going to miss you so much!