Saturday, July 9, 2011

girls camp

so the last couple of days i was at girls camp. haha ya, it was quite interesting to say the least. this time was different. whenever i was at girls camp, i was always the youngest. but this time, i was one of the oldest. it was so weird, seeing all the little beehives running around, thinking i was just like them 5 years ago. i hope i wasnt that annoying when i was their age. but i realized, i have one camp left and then i am done forever. so camp pretty much went like this, we got up, ate food, and then went and swam in a really discusting lake. but we did it anyways. and we repeated that for the next 3 days. so it was really longggggg and really hot, like 25+ weather everyday. it was great. well at the end of camp, as always, we have testimony meeting. all the laurels got up in a row and it was amazing to see all the older girls be such great examples to the younger ones. i hope i am an example to them in every way possible, just like they are examples to me.

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