Saturday, October 16, 2010


random thoughts:

i recently moved into my brother's room. way bigger, way more room for all my crap. 

yesturday i went to lethbridge with my best friends and shopped for SADIES, which is coming up this friday. the theme is timewarp. i am quite excited, we are going as hippies! 

in approx. two weeks, basketball season will be starting. alumni is coming up at the end of november as well! i can't wait to start playing again. it's been far too long without the beautiful sport.

i have been addicted to lately. it's a beautiful thing.

i will be in europe in 187 days. hello french boys!

new favorite song: like we used to by a rocket to the moon. thank you ashley for introducing me to it!

i love night outs with the girls. they make everything better.

as of right now, i am reading the hunger game series. almost done mockingjay and it is getting better and better! these books are amazing!

taylor swift cd out october 25th. so stoked. her songs practically describe my life.

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