Wednesday, October 20, 2010


so sadies is this friday, i am super stoked. its basically THE best dance of the school year. my two best friends and i asked our three best guy friends! its gunna be so fun because we hang out with them all the time anyways so why not make it a date?! so we asked them one day after school when they were at volleyball practice.

whit asked dal.

inside joke :)

Unfortunately; there's no pictures of ashley and i asking aaron and colton. we were in a bit of a hurry.

and this is how they replyed.. they took us on a scavenger hunt through waterton! you can only imagine how that worked out. three blonde girls trying to figure out clues. ya, we basically had to call them every clue asking for help, but we finally got it!

the first clue we had to go to cameron falls. we climbed the little hike to the top and someone STOLE our next clue! we sat their searching for about 20 minutes. while we were there, why not take a picture?

my best friends :)
one of the next clues had one of us kayak out to the bouy and retrieve the next clue. it was actually really scary watching whitney float away into the lake! it was very swift! look at her, she was so happy to start and then she started freaking out. haha :)

then colton pulled out some macbeth questions on me that had us driving up to the prince of wales searching the rocks. dallin said that they left us three water bottles for our next clue. but again, someone stole them! but our next clue, which of course, was hiking up bears hump. we werent to happy about this. so when we finally reached the top, they were there waiting, big smiles on their face, until we wiped them away by yelling at them for making us hike. we thought we were done, but nope. we had to search around for a bucket which had the answer. well when we found it; it had some really really good cookies with a big YES on top of the bucket!

then being the nice boys they are, took us for a little picnic. ladies, watch out. their ours :)

just kidding, but we ARE very lucky for the wonderful friends we have! sadies is gunna be so much fun!


  1. Jordano! I found your blog. I didn't know you had a blog. So how was Sadies? Everything you hoped it would be?

    I loved your "Sunday" post. You are a good girl Jordan and I love you.

  2. Marilee! Yes, I do! Sadies was so much fun! Everything I hoped for and more!

    Awh thank you! :) I love you so much too!

  3. Yeah, I'm glad I found your blog! Loooove you!

  4. michelle! i love you! your blog is super cute btw!