Thursday, August 19, 2010


Honestly–and I don't mean to brag–I have the best of friends. They always lead me on the right path, they tell me when I do something stupid and they are always there for me. They make life WAY easier when theres people you love right behind you. I have a group of girls that I love, and this is why I love them.

I know you've been through alot lately; even these past few hours have been tough for you, but I want you to know you are seriously one of the strongest girls I know. You are so beautiful; inside and out, and I never want to see you cry. I want you to know that you deserve the best, because you are the best. I thought High School would tear us apart, but we have become so much closer. I love you so much.

Haha, this girl. Who doesn't love her?! I'm so glad that I know you. I love how I can call you up anytime and you are always so happy to hear my voice, and I love hearing yours! I'm pretty sure you are the most gorgeous girl I know. Period. I love all the memories we have together. Basketball trips, blonde moments, and of course how we bathed in the river:) I'm so glad we are best friends. And I'm so glad your you. Don't ever change.

When I think of you. I smile sooo big. Everytime I see you, even if its been like not even a day. We always run to eachother and give eachother hugs. I love how we live right beside eachother, and how we randomly hang out. Oh, and by the way; you are so cute! I love everything about you! Oh, especially how you work at Lick n Nibble and how you give me free icecream! haha:) I love you so much girl.

I. Love. You. Your are my idol! For some strange reason, you make me want to be a rebel! I don't know if that's good or bad because you have to be an example to me. Hah, either way I love you. I love our choir trips together! and our.. lesbian moments I might add? Hope that doesn't sound to weird. Everytime I see you; we practically tackle eachother. Makes me smile everytime. I can't wait for you to be in high school!

Up. Down. Up. Down. That pretty much desribes our relationship since like grade 6! To be honest you; I am so jealous of you. I know jealously is bad and all, but seriously you are so good at everything you put your mind too and you are soo sooo sooooo pretty. Even though you never give yourself credit for it!
I'm so glad we have finally put our past behind us and we've become such good friends. I love how I can be my crazy self in front of you. You are an amazing friend. I'm so happy that we are UP right now and from now on always will be!

I don't think I have ever loved anyone as much as I have loved you. We've only known eachother for about 3 years but I feel like I have known you my entire life. I am so glad that my first year of EFY was spent with you. You made my EFY years. You have no idea how big of an example you are to me. Thank you so much for letting me come down to Utah and stay a week with you. It's another week with you I will never forget. I love you so much Josie. I can't wait to see you again.


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