Sunday, February 13, 2011

tri-prov champs

wow, okay so this month has been crazy hectic so far. i've already been to two basketball tournaments and have got one coming up at the end of this month also. so our first tournament was western canada, we lost our first game by one in overtime to a team from calgary. it was one of the most intense games we have ever played! this grade 10 girl made 10 threes! then we ended up winning our next two games and ended up with consulation. not we wanted, but the best we could do. but, this weekend went so much better, we won tri-prov! we travelled all the way up to edmonton and i must say it was worth it. we beat the number 6 team in the province by 10 or so. so we are definately inproving! hopefully soon we can beat the number one team in the province! good job team!